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Update README for new screensaver behaviour

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......@@ -6,8 +6,6 @@ This is a package for Arch Linux, to use the i3 window manager within a Cinnamon
Shamelessly stolen from i3-gnome (, licensed under GPLv2.
## Screensaver / i3lock
In theory, you can use any Screensaver/Screenlocker you want with i3-cinnamon; but Cinnamon will, if installed and running, invoke cinnamon-screensaver to activate on several occasions (closing the lid, pressing a lockscreen-button, getting a lock signal from systemd-logind or similar…).
As of version 0.3, i3-cinnamon will automatically start cinnamon-screensaver. This is done so Cinnamon can automatically lock the screen on special occasions (closing the lid, pressing XF86ScreenSaver, administrative command via loginctl, etc).
To prevent this, deactivate the cinnamon-screensaver autostart, by editing cinnamon-screensaver.desktop in your autostart folder.
However, i3lock will NOT be automatically launched by Cinnamon. For this, you would need a wrapper around i3lock, listening on cinnamon-screensavers dbus-interface.
If you want to use a different screensaver, say i3lock, edit `i3-cinnamon.session` and remove `cinnamon-screensaver` from `RequiredComponents`.
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