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config support and logging

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package jetzt.nicht.minecraft.idleShutdown;
import java.util.logging.Logger;
import java.util.Timer;
import java.util.TimerTask;
import org.bukkit.event.HandlerList;
......@@ -10,19 +11,38 @@ import jetzt.nicht.minecraft.idleShutdown.PlayerQuitListener;
import jetzt.nicht.minecraft.idleShutdown.PlayerJoinListener;
public class IdleShutdown extends JavaPlugin {
PlayerQuitListener playerQuitListener;
PlayerJoinListener playerJoinListener;
Timer idleTimer;
private Logger log;
private Integer idleWaitTime;
private PlayerQuitListener playerQuitListener;
private PlayerJoinListener playerJoinListener;
private Timer idleTimer;
public void onEnable() {
// First of all, get the logger
this.log = getLogger();
// Write the default config, if it does not exist.
// Get the current config, default or otherwise.
this.idleWaitTime = getConfig().getInt("idle_wait_time");
// Negative times are not supported (duh).
if (this.idleWaitTime < 0) {
log.warning("You cannot use a negative idle_wait_time! Time set to 0 seconds.");
this.idleWaitTime = 0;
// Let the admin know the configured idle time."This server is running IdleShutdown: " +
"It will stop after %d seconds with no player online."),
// Create our listeners once, assign them later.
// We pass in a reference to ourselves so the listener can call back.
this.playerQuitListener = new PlayerQuitListener(this);
this.playerJoinListener = new PlayerJoinListener(this);
// Register our listener that listens for players quitting.
System.out.println("Registering PlayerQuitListener...");
log.finer("Registering PlayerQuitListener...");
.registerEvents(this.playerQuitListener, this);
......@@ -30,7 +50,7 @@ public class IdleShutdown extends JavaPlugin {
// runtime, or the server was started automatically without anyone
// actually joining. TODO: Make this configurable.
if (noPlayerOnline()) {
System.out.println("There are no players online!");
log.fine("There are no players online!");
......@@ -39,55 +59,46 @@ public class IdleShutdown extends JavaPlugin {
public void onDisable() {
// Cancel the timer and unregister all Listeners
if (this.idleTimer != null) {
log.finer("Cancelling timer...");
public void onTimerExpired() {
System.out.println("Timer expired!");
log.fine("Timer expired!");
if(noPlayerOnline()) {
System.out.println("No players online, shutting down");"No players online, shutting down");
// Unregister all our Listeners, just to be on the safe side.
} else {
System.out.println("WARNING: A player has come online and we have "
log.warning("A player has come online and we have "
+ "not been notified! Something is very wrong here!");
void onPlayerQuit() {
System.out.println("A player has quit!");
log.fine("A player has quit!");
if (lastPlayerOnline()) {
System.out.println("The last player is leaving!");
// We now register PlayerJoinListener, so we can abort the timer
// if a player joins in the meantime
// XXX: This might be racy: if the Listener is activated before we
// set the timer, we might crash when trying to abort the timer not
// yet running!
System.out.println("Registering PlayerJoinListener...");
.registerEvents(this.playerJoinListener, this);"The last player is leaving!");
void onPlayerJoin() {
System.out.println("A player has joined!");
log.fine("A player has joined!");
// XXX: This might also be racy, if a player quits and joins after we
// unregister the Listener but before we abort the timer.
System.out.println("Unregistering PlayerJoinListener...");
log.finer("Unregistering PlayerJoinListener...");
System.out.println("Aborting timer...");
log.finer("Aborting timer...");
......@@ -110,7 +121,20 @@ public class IdleShutdown extends JavaPlugin {
private void startIdleTimer() {
System.out.println("Creating and scheduling timer...");
if (this.idleWaitTime == 0) {
log.fine("idle_wait_time is 0, not scheduling timer!");
} else {
// We now register PlayerJoinListener, so we can abort the timer
// if a player joins in the meantime
// XXX: This might be racy: if the Listener is activated before we
// set the timer, we might crash when trying to abort the timer not
// yet running!
log.finer("Registering PlayerJoinListener...");
.registerEvents(this.playerJoinListener, this);
log.finer("Creating and scheduling timer...");
this.idleTimer = new Timer();
TimerTask idleTimerTask = new TimerTask() {
......@@ -118,6 +142,7 @@ public class IdleShutdown extends JavaPlugin {
this.idleTimer.schedule(idleTimerTask, 30*1000);
this.idleTimer.schedule(idleTimerTask, this.idleWaitTime*1000);
# After the last player left, how long should the server wait before
# shutting down? Time in seconds.
# This is not influenced by the servers tick rate.
idle_wait_time: 30
name: IdleShutdown
description: Shut down spigot when no one is online.
author: Gigadoc2
version: 0.1.0
version: 1.0.0
main: jetzt.nicht.minecraft.idleShutdown.IdleShutdown
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