1. 05 Jun, 2021 1 commit
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      sway: drive main monitor at 120Hz · e22a2a84
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      I could not do this before, as the Radeon 570 can only output that much
      on one monitor as long as no other monitors are connected; but a helpful
      friend reminded me that my desktop also has an integrated GPU which I
      can (with enough HDMI/DP to DVI adapters) use to drive the secondary
      screens. It works, and now I can have both multiple monitors and 120Hz
      refresh rate.
      I disabled adaptive sync by default, as in desktop usage it can cause
      some slight brightness flickering. This seems to happen when the refresh
      rate jumps between the two extremes of 48 and 120Hz (whenever something
      starts to move, basically), which only happens in regular desktop usage
      and so far has never happened in a game. Thus for now I just turn it on
      on-demand, it is fortunately toggleable at run-time.
      This "flickering" seems to be common amongst "FreeSync" monitors, which
      are the only monitors that are affected by the adaptive sync settings
      (G-Sync monitors require Nvidia cards, which require using X11; Intel
      does not yet have anything related to adaptive sync), so most sway users
      should experience that. Maybe at some point sway will gain the ability
      to set a lower bound to this setting.
  2. 13 May, 2021 1 commit
  3. 06 May, 2021 9 commits
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      git: set the default branch name to "main" · 63b8679d
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      Git has never had any special treatment for the "master" branch except
      for this default. Changing the default now should only require the
      retraining of a bit of muscle memory and nothing else; if software
      breaks now because of assumptions, it needs to be fixed anyway.
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      termite: lower font size · 299dc53d
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      The new screen is both larger and has a higher pixel density, so there
      are two reasons at once to go with a lower font size.
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      set a longer screen blanking timeout · f5c3fc73
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      The new monitor has very unfortunate behaviour in regards to screen
      blanking (though it seems to be shared by other modern DisplayPort
      monitors as well): When _resuming_ from standby it resets the
      connection. This causes sway to move all workspaces over to a secondary
      screen, resizing everything. This, in turn, changes the UI elements or
      scrolling positions of many applications. Resizing and re-scrolling
      everything back is not too big of an issue if done once or twice, but
      doing it constantly becomes very annyoing. Setting the timeout to
      several minutes prevents the resizing when I am just gone temporarily
      from the machine.
      I wonder if this behaviour is the result of an energy conservation
      policy somewhere, which would be very ironic since it just caused me to
      _not_ suspend my screen anymore.
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      fix swaylock wallpaper location · dbd9afe6
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      remove legacy Xresources settings · 71eace79
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      I have not used urxvt in a long time, and since it is not wayland-native
      I am probably not going to either.
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      disable global subpixel font rendering · 338e84a8
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      On the new monitor, grayscale rendering looks way better than subpixel
      rendering (as the color fringes are more pronounced on it while there
      are a lot more pixels per letter to use in the first place). Enabling it
      only for the legacy screens _is_ possible, and already done via the sway
      config, but few applications respect this (even though it seems to be
      part of the base wayland protocol). Still, the grayscale renderer has
      considerably improved even on low-dpi monitors, it now looks a lot more
      like the subpixel rendering (still slightly fuzzier in exchange for
      color friging, but the thickness and shapes of the letters seem to be
      the exact same).
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      update desktop setup for the new monitor · 4d0ef763
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      Instead of a 23.5" 1080p monitor, my main one is now a 27" 4K one. This
      improves the font rendering by a considerable amount, I can now have
      text look both beautiful _and_ readable. The only downside is that
      everything is huge now, since a non-integer scale factor is not
      advisable (if there is _any_ content on the screen that is not scalable
      from the get-go, e.g. legacy applications or bitmap-based UI in modern
      applications, a non-integer scale factor will make these contents look
      As of this commit, Xwayland-based appliations are forcibly upscaled from
      a simulated 1080p resolution. To fix this, I need to apply out-of-tree
      patches for sway, wlroots and xwayland itself, and I need to split up
      the sway configuration between the desktop setup and the notebook one,
      since the patches introduce a global scale factor for Xwayland which
      makes no sense on the notebook with its single 1080p screen.
      Also, this monitor in theory supports 120Hz over DisplayPort 1.4. So
      does my graphics card, but apparently only as long as no other monitor
      is physically connected (even if no output is configured). For now, I
      want to keep my secondary screens, and buying a new graphics card is
      absolutely not an option right now (thanks, Bitcoin).
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      configure new screencast functionality of xdp-wlr · 39dc11eb
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      Set the FPS limit to 60, since most recipients of any screencast streams
      will neither have 120 nor 75 Hz displays.
      Hide notifications while the screen is cast, using a hacky workaround
      until mako has a native method for this implemented.
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      add matrix invite generation script · 151f8102
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      sway: restore previous mod+o behaviour · 304ba55d
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      Sometimes moving the focus to another output without cycling through all
      the windows is useful, e.g. when there are stacked windows. On the other
      hand I've never used "output above" so far.
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