Verified Commit 23e81018 authored by Gigadoc 2's avatar Gigadoc 2

increase the dpms blanking timeout

It is a) too short for my desktop screens, of which one takes even
_more_ than 4 seconds to wake up, and b) too short for the notebook
resuming from suspend to disk.
parent c5300f1f
......@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@ output 'NEC Corporation LCD195NX 94T19400NB' {
set $locker swaylock -f -c 2d2d2d --inside-color 000000b3 -i "~/.wallpaper_lock"
# That pgrek/pkill is majorly ugly, but it is still better than what I had before
exec /usr/bin/swayidle -w \
timeout 4 'if pgrep -x swaylock; then swaymsg "output * dpms off"; fi' \
timeout 10 'if pgrep -x swaylock; then swaymsg "output * dpms off"; fi' \
resume 'swaymsg "output * dpms on"' \
before-sleep "$locker" \
lock "$locker" \
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