Commit e3d77cec authored by Flaburgan's avatar Flaburgan

Add a ToS design change mention in the changelog, close 6121

parent 5ab09f06
......@@ -26,6 +26,10 @@ changed. diaspora\* will no longer listen on `` as it will now
bind to an UNIX socket at `unix:tmp/diaspora.sock`. Please change your local
`diaspora.yml` if necessary.
## Terms of Use design changes
With the port to Bootstrap 3, the app/views/terms/default.haml file changed. If you edited the terms by adding a terms.erb file, you probably want to backup these changes in it
## Refactor
* Improve bookmarklet [#5904](
* Update listen configuration to listen on unix sockets by default [#5974](
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