Commit bcb34eca authored by Steffen van Bergerem's avatar Steffen van Bergerem

Fix a link in the changelog [ci skip]

parent 148e8555
......@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ The command will report queues that still have jobs and launch sidekiq process f
* Add links to the single post view of the related post to photos in the photo stream [#6621](
* Add a note for people with disabled JavaScript [#6777](
* Do not include conversation subject in notification mail [#6910](
* Add 'Be excellent to each other!' to the sidebar [#6914](
* Add 'Be excellent to each other!' to the sidebar [#6914](
* Expose Sidekiq dead queue configuration options
* Properly support pluralization in timeago strings [#6926](
* Return all contacts in people search [#6951](
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