Fix Diaspora::Camo.from_markdown with frozen strings

parent f2ab09db
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ module Diaspora
module Camo
def self.from_markdown(markdown_text)
return unless markdown_text
markdown_text.gsub!(/(!\[(.*?)\]\s?\([ \t]*()<?(\S+?)>?[ \t]*((['"])(.*?)\6[ \t]*)?\))/m) do |link|
markdown_text = markdown_text.gsub(/(!\[(.*?)\]\s?\([ \t]*()<?(\S+?)>?[ \t]*((['"])(.*?)\6[ \t]*)?\))/m) do |link|
link.gsub($4, self.image_url($4))
markdown_text.gsub(/src=(['"])(.+?)\1/m) do |link|
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