Redirect to "/users/sign_in" after AccountDeletion

There is no point to redirect to "/stream" after the account deletion
because the user is logged off.
parent a414fb23
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ class UsersController < ApplicationController
if params[:user] && params[:user][:current_password] && current_user.valid_password?(params[:user][:current_password])
sign_out current_user
redirect_to(stream_path, :notice => I18n.t('users.destroy.success'))
redirect_to(new_user_session_path(format: request[:format]), notice: I18n.t("users.destroy.success"))
if params[:user].present? && params[:user][:current_password].present?
flash[:error] = t 'users.destroy.wrong_password'
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