Unverified Commit 3942dca0 authored by Dennis Schubert's avatar Dennis Schubert

Merge pull request #6972 from jhass/queue_migration

Add rake task to move jobs from any legacy queue to the default queue
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......@@ -69,12 +69,15 @@ If you run your sidekiq with a custom queue configuration, please make sure to u
The new queues are: `urgent, high, medium, low, default`.
When you upgrade to the new version, some jobs may persist in the old queues. To ensure that jobs to be processed, launch
job processing for old queues using command:
When you upgrade to the new version, some jobs may persist in the old queues. To move them to the default queue,
so they're processed, run:
bin/rake migrations:run_legacy_queues
bin/rake migrations:legacy_queues
Note that this will retry all dead jobs, if you want to prevent that empty the dead queue first.
The command will report queues that still have jobs and launch sidekiq process for that queues.
## Refactor
......@@ -128,19 +128,29 @@ namespace :migrations do
maintenance dispatch delete_account http http_service export photos socket_webfinger mail receive_local receive
desc "Run sidekiq with old queues so it can finish deferred jobs"
task :run_legacy_queues do
queues_with_jobs = LEGACY_QUEUES.select {|queue| Sidekiq::Queue.new(queue).size > 0 }
if queues_with_jobs.empty?
puts "No jobs in legacy queues!"
puts "Launching sidekiq with queues: #{queues_with_jobs.join(', ')}"
queus_cli = queues_with_jobs.map {|queue| "-q #{queue}" }.join(" ")
system "bundle exec sidekiq #{queus_cli} -e #{Rails.env}"
CURRENT_QUEUES = %w(urgent high medium low default).freeze
desc "Migrate sidekiq jobs, retries, scheduled and dead jobs from any legacy queue to "\
"the default queue (retries all dead jobs)"
task :legacy_queues do
# Push all retries, scheduled and dead jobs to their queues
Sidekiq::ScheduledSet.new.reject {|job| CURRENT_QUEUES.include? job.queue }.each(&:add_to_queue)
# Move all jobs from legacy queues to the default queue
Sidekiq::Queue.all.each do |queue|
next if CURRENT_QUEUES.include? queue.name
puts "Migrating #{queue.size} jobs from #{queue.name} to default..."
queue.each do |job|
job.item["queue"] = "default"
# Delete the queue
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