1. 18 May, 2022 5 commits
  2. 17 May, 2022 2 commits
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      add simple requirements.txt · 8d453588
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      The compatible versions will be determined at a later point.
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      implement command state announcement · 698d8a3a
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      This makes use of retained messages and LWT to implement simple
      discovery of available commands. The offline messages being retained as
      well is actually not a feature I want, it's just that the LWT has to be
      a retained message as well to overwrite the previous retained message.
      Clearing would require a retained null message, but we only get one LWT,
      so we can't both announce the disconnection in a non-retained way and
      then clear the retained message :(
  3. 21 Jul, 2021 2 commits
  4. 18 Jul, 2021 1 commit
  5. 16 Jul, 2021 5 commits
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      simplify and fix simple_cmd arg matching · fece6f07
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      Turns out "inspect" could do this all along. The error messages might be
      slightly less helpful now, but the matching is more reliable now (it
      would sometimes not count kwargs before).
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      callback wrappers: return after exception handling · c05de433
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      This was not necessary when the callback was called from within the
      try-block, but since it has been moved out of that block (so that we
      don't handle exceptions thrown by the callback _itself_), the library
      would continue to call the callback even when it shouldn't.
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      make the multiarg test verbose · 6133891d
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      cast simple_cmd return values to strings · c415af88
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      Otherwise if some command returns a number it will also be put as a
      number type in the JSON. Funnily enough the matrix-bot _accepts_
      non-strings as a message and passes them on to the matrix server without
      error, at which point the server just throws the message away.
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      add direnv stuff to gitignore · f0f61dc3
      Gigadoc 2 authored
      While this library is explicitly meant to be usable _without_ a virtual
      environment of any kind, I use one to test it against python 3.6.
  6. 15 Jul, 2021 3 commits
  7. 06 Dec, 2018 1 commit