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Updated the Common Tasks tutorial to demonstrate promises

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......@@ -47,6 +47,26 @@ Hide the server browser:
### Calling asynchronous methods
Some methods, such as `dew.command`, will need to communicate with the game in order to operate.
Because JavaScript code is executed in a separate process, these methods will immediately return a `Promise` that will be fulfilled once the operation completes.
If you aren't familiar with promises, here is very a basic skeleton for you to use:
dew.methodName(arguments).then(function (result) {
// This will be called once the method completes.
// result is the value returned by the method.
}).catch(function (error) {
// This will be called if an error occurs.
// If you don't care to handle errors, then there is no need to use catch().
### Running console commands
**Do not use RCON to run console commands. It is slow, unreliable, and the protocol is subject to change in the future.**
......@@ -57,14 +77,26 @@ Basic usage if you don't need output:
Using a success callback if you do need output:
Using the promise if you do need output:
dew.command("Player.Name", {}, function (name) {
dew.command("Player.Name").then(function (name) {
alert("Your name is " + name + "!");
Reading the value of an internal variable (such as a client-side one):
dew.command("Server.SprintEnabledClient", { internal: true }).then(function (val) {
if (val === "1") {
alert("Sprint is enabled.");
} else {
alert("Sprint is disabled.");
### Pinging a server
**Note that the ping method is currently broken and reports incorrect ping times. It will be fixed soon.**
......@@ -86,10 +118,10 @@"");
### Getting the ElDewrito version
Since all communications with ElDewrito are asynchronous, you have to call the getVersion function with a success callback:
You can use `dew.getVersion` to get the current version of ElDewrito. Remember that this runs asynchronously.
dew.getVersion(function (version) {
dew.getVersion().then(function (version) {
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