1. 02 May, 2016 1 commit
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      Fixed problems with some HUD mods crashing · 80ded3fe
      Shockfire authored
      The UI aspect ratio code was assuming that the visor bottom UI widget exists at index 26 in the chdt tag. Better to search for it by stringID and only apply changes if it's found.
      (cherry picked from commit c7288518)
  2. 01 May, 2016 3 commits
  3. 29 Apr, 2016 5 commits
  4. 15 Apr, 2016 23 commits
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      Increment version number to · b080d1e3
      Shockfire authored
      This does not necessarily mean that an update is coming soon. I'm just doing this because we will be making some changes to the server protocol that will make the client incompatible with existing servers. I don't want someone downloading builds from the appveyor and then complaining about how they can't join anything.
      (cherry picked from commit f8879a78)
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      Merge pull request #132 from Shad0wShayd3/equipment-and-duals · 5d0b63cd
      Shockfire authored
      Server.AssassinationEnabled command
      (cherry picked from commit c8916468)
      # Conflicts:
      #	src/Modules/ModuleServer.hpp
      #	src/Patches/Network.cpp
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      Fixed compile errors · 3725b885
      Shockfire authored
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      Set the proper description for Icebox · 920922ab
      Scott Lewis authored
      This has always bugged me...
      (cherry picked from commit 63fe6680)
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      Disallow characters used by the chat log in player names · 03756834
      Shockfire authored
      (cherry picked from commit 385c2d36)
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      Include UIDs in the chat log · ecbd5ca2
      Shockfire authored
      (cherry picked from commit c8a2ea32)
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      Ignore mid-session name changes + some network code cleanup · 0ddfd21d
      Shockfire authored
      This patches a trick that allows a player to change their name in the middle of a session by setting Player.Name and then changing teams. This check is completely server-sided. Hosts are still able to use the trick if they wish. (Perhaps setting Player.Name should immediately force a player-properties update in that case.)
      (cherry picked from commit 00abf968)
      # Conflicts:
      #	src/Patches/Armor.cpp
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      Oops, was doing some testing and forgot to uncomment this · 8955433d
      Shockfire authored
      (cherry picked from commit 88e53b2f)
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      Double the flood filter timeout for repeat offenses · 96c751e6
      Shockfire authored
      If a client hits the spam limit within Server.FloodTimeoutResetSeconds seconds (default 30 minutes) since their last timeout, then the next timeout period will be doubled. Set the variable to 0 to disable this behavior.
      (cherry picked from commit bf6f4096)
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      Chat logging · dc16424b
      Shockfire authored
      If Server.ChatLogEnabled is set to 1 (which it is by default), then chat messages received by hosts will be logged to a file specified by Server.ChatLogFile (defaults to "chat.log"). Log entries include a UTC timestamp, IP address, display name, and message contents.
      (cherry picked from commit 7ef4bc92)
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      Chat flood filtering (#153) · 4444ecc9
      Shockfire authored
      This adds a flood filtering system to text chat. Each IP address has a "spam score" associated with it. Every time a client sends a message, a spam score for the message is computed based on its contents, and then this is added to the total spam score for the client's IP. Every second, everyone's spam score is decreased by 1. If a client's total spam score reaches the maximum spam score, then the IP is timed out for a set amount of time. During the timeout period, messages sent by clients are rejected.
      Currently, the only metric used to compute message spam scores is the message length. Longer messages will have a larger spam score. It would be possible to add some other metrics if necessary, e.g. increasing score based on the number of capitalized letters or increasing score based on similarity to previous messages.
      All of the flood filter parameters can be controlled with console variables. Their default values are kind of arbitrary and could use some fine tuning:
      - Server.FloodFilterEnabled - Controls whether or not flood filtering is enabled (default 1)
      - Server.FloodMessageScoreShort - Messages which are shorter will have a score closer to this (default 2)
      - Server.FloodMessageScoreLong - Messages which are longer will have a score closer to this (default 4)
      - Server.FloodTimeoutScore - Once an IP reaches this score, it will be timed out (default 10)
      - Server.FloodTimeoutSeconds - The number of seconds to time out an IP for (default 120)
      (cherry picked from commit b391eb0c)
      # Conflicts:
      #	src/Modules/ModuleServer.cpp
      #	src/Modules/ModuleServer.hpp
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      Reduce maximum chat message length to 128 · 28b6e93d
      Shockfire authored
      (cherry picked from commit 860029b0)
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      Use correct file extensions in Game.GameType · 2ae52c0f
      Shockfire authored
      "zombiez"? bungie pls
      (cherry picked from commit 26a719cc)
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      Removed stats upload code · 355f70b8
      Shockfire authored
      The endpoint that the stats are uploaded to doesn't do anything useful with them. This will NOT affect any dedicated servers that upload stats, because they use their own code to do that.
      (cherry picked from commit cd16ec48)
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      Fixed random crash on startup · e64f4a72
      Shockfire authored
      It was literally random. Apparently someone doesn't know how to count...
      (cherry picked from commit 69f092ba)
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      Fixed colors in the lobby roster · f9afd6de
      Shockfire authored
      NOTE: You need to edit the roster skn3 tag (0x9E0) and remove all of the bitmap widgets except for the first two.
      (cherry picked from commit a8a84d59)
      # Conflicts:
      #	src/Patches/Ui.cpp
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      Replace kelly-master with Orion's new server · 9631f92c
      Shockfire authored
      (cherry picked from commit 6c4339c2)
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      Apparently some people didn't get the memo · a7599951
      Shockfire authored
      (cherry picked from commit 56baca94)
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      Merge pull request #133 from medsouz/remove-irc · e6156d26
      Shockfire authored
      Remove irc
      (cherry picked from commit 72c67056)
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      Use PSAPI_VERSION=1 for Vista support · 61471be8
      Shockfire authored
      (cherry picked from commit 975fa570)
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      Honor Server.MaxPlayers when creating a lobby · 84dd49c6
      ElDewritoDev authored
      Note: this only applies to online lobbies. Don't go create an offline game and then tell me it's broken because it says there's only 2 max players.
      (cherry picked from commit d7d8a5f5)
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      Update ModuleServer.cpp · e0bf74ff
      theTwister authored
      (cherry picked from commit f42a5998)
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      Updated dewrito.json · 22f2dcf1
      Dominator56 authored
      Updated the file list, the update link, and the hashes.
      (cherry picked from commit 0fc45dc6)
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