Commit f8909056 authored by Shockfire's avatar Shockfire

Re-implemented char_platform rotation

One of my recent commits broke this. I also decided to add in something that automatically rotates the platform very slowly until the player rotates it manually. Curious to see if people will like this or not.
parent 50e4bfdb
#include "Input.hpp"
#include <stack>
#include <cmath>
#include "../Patch.hpp"
#include "../Blam/BlamInput.hpp"
......@@ -20,6 +22,7 @@ namespace
void GetDefaultBindingsHook(int type, BindingsTable *result);
void GetKeyboardActionTypeHook();
void ProcessKeyBindingsHook(const BindingsTable &bindings, ActionState *actions);
void UpdateUiControllerInputHook();
std::stack<std::shared_ptr<InputContext>> contextStack;
std::vector<DefaultInputHandler> defaultHandlers;
......@@ -48,6 +51,7 @@ namespace Patches
Hook(0x20C4F6, GetKeyboardActionTypeHook).Apply();
Patch::NopFill(Pointer::Base(0x6A225B), 2); // Prevent the game from forcing certain binds on load
Patch(0x6940E7, { 0x90, 0xE9 }).Apply(); // Disable custom UI input code
Hook(0x695012, UpdateUiControllerInputHook, HookFlags::IsCall).Apply();
// Fix a bug in the keyboard input routine that screws up UI keys.
// If an action has the "handled" flag set and has a secondary key
......@@ -263,6 +267,65 @@ namespace
actions[i].Flags &= ~eActionStateFlagsHandled;
void UpdateUiControllerInputHook()
typedef void(*UiUpdateControllerInputPtr)();
auto UiUpdateControllerInput = reinterpret_cast<UiUpdateControllerInputPtr>(0xA93A50);
typedef bool(*IsMainMenuPtr)();
auto IsMainMenu = reinterpret_cast<IsMainMenuPtr>(0x531E90);
typedef float(*UiGetTimeDeltaPtr)();
auto UiGetTimeDelta = reinterpret_cast<UiGetTimeDeltaPtr>(0xA844E0);
typedef void(*UpdateCharPlatformPtr)();
auto UpdateCharPlatform = reinterpret_cast<UpdateCharPlatformPtr>(0xBB5F00);
typedef void(*RotateCharPlatformPtr)(float timeDelta, float amount);
auto RotateCharPlatform = reinterpret_cast<RotateCharPlatformPtr>(0xBB5DA0);
// Handle char_platform controls
// This spices things up a bit compared to the default implementation
// by making the platform automatically rotate slowly until the player
// manually rotates it.
static auto firstRotate = true;
static auto autoRotate = true;
if (!IsMainMenu())
// char_platform is only on the main menu
firstRotate = true;
autoRotate = true;
if (firstRotate)
// Rotate it to the left a bit initially so that you can see the
// front of your Spartan at the start
RotateCharPlatform(1.0f, -0.25f);
firstRotate = false;
auto leftAction = GetActionState(eGameActionUiLeft);
auto rightAction = GetActionState(eGameActionUiRight);
auto rotateLeft = (leftAction->Ticks != 0);
auto rotateRight = (rightAction->Ticks != 0);
auto rotateAmount = static_cast<int>(rotateRight) - static_cast<int>(rotateLeft);
if (rotateAmount)
RotateCharPlatform(UiGetTimeDelta(), rotateAmount * 1.0f);
autoRotate = false;
else if (autoRotate)
// Slowly rotate counterclockwise
RotateCharPlatform(UiGetTimeDelta(), 0.025f);
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